Why Asians Love Ads And Why You Will Too

Why Asians Love Ads And Why You Will Too

Past studies have revealed that the average person sees as many as 3,000 marketing messages each day – including things like the brand label on your undies and the packaging of your toothpaste. With so many ads buzzing around us, it’s obvious why Aussies try to avoid them as much as possible. But believe it or not, as much […]


The PUPpies: Off The Leash

The greatest strength and the greatest weakness of Clive Palmer's merry-band-of-mix-n-match senators is that they are entirely lacking in the subtlety that other (major party) senators have fostered and developed over the course of their careers. It's one thing for the people to be in want of a plain-speaking, "of the people" politician to give us a break from the hyperbole of the others, but it is entirely another thing to vote for someone who woke up one day, realised they couldn't pay their bills that month and so decided to run for Senate. In the chaos that is the wet dream "average … [Read More...]


10 Tips to Supercharge Your Editing Skills

We’ve all been there. You’ve just submitted something important; an article, a proposal, an assignment, a thesis, and while giving yourself one last congratulatory read over, you see it. A mistake. Not just a mistake, a huge mistake. Right there in the headline. It’s horribly frustrating, and we’ve all done it, but before you start swearing and wringing your hands, let’s take a look at the reason we can’t shake this problem. Studies show that your brain selectively edits information to make it more understandable to you, effectively cancelling out shonky word order or missing apostrophes in … [Read More...]


Pyne: Focus on University Deregulation

With a focus on deregulation on Australian universities, Christopher Pyne made a speech in the United Kingdom earlier this week. What does this mean for students? Under the Kemp-Norton review released several weeks ago, federal funding for TAFEs, private universities and other higher education providers was a recommendation. While this would seemingly get a loud rebuke from Vice Chancellors across the country, this was not the case with Melbourne University, La Trobe University and the … [Read More...]

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