because I am a woman

Because I am a Woman

Did my parents know as they looked upon me, only minutes old That some of my hopes and dreams could never be fulfilled Because I am a woman Then why did still tell me I  could be anything I wanted when I grew up If society won’t let me Because I am a woman I […]


The PUPpies: Off The Leash

The greatest strength and the greatest weakness of Clive Palmer's merry-band-of-mix-n-match senators is that they are entirely lacking in the subtlety that other (major party) senators have fostered and developed over the course of their careers. It's one thing for the people to be in want of a plain-speaking, "of the people" politician to give us a break from the hyperbole of the others, but it is entirely another thing to vote for someone who woke up one day, realised they couldn't pay their bills that month and so decided to run for Senate. In the chaos that is the wet dream "average … [Read More...]


Happily ever after?!

From the ‘break-up’ when you give up University life, to your first job interview that leaves you ‘giggly and warm inside’, the life path of a graduate exploring the job market is never easy. There’s no denying… it has turned into one of ‘those’ relationships where your friends are starting to feel concerned for your well-being and your family are planning an intervention. You never thought it could feel like this: your heart’s racing, your palms are constantly sweaty and you’ve never been so on-the-edge in your life. After years of putting in the hard graft, early morning caffeine shots of … [Read More...]


Essential Social Skills for Successful Studying in Australia

Social skills are something that’s necessary during our whole lives -they help us understand the social rules and relations and connect with others verbally and non verbally. Adolescence is a time in life when these skills are extremely important – especially if you’re going to university. The transition from high school to college can be painful, confusing and socially overwhelming. As far as we know, most Australian professors are encouraging and friendly towards their students. However, … [Read More...]

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