A typical daily life style for students

Everywhere in the world, students have to face many big and small problems. First off, they have to find money to afford a life outside their family. Now always families can provide their kids who study in a distant city food, beverages, books and all they may need to study. And what about school or […]


The PUPpies: Off The Leash

The greatest strength and the greatest weakness of Clive Palmer's merry-band-of-mix-n-match senators is that they are entirely lacking in the subtlety that other (major party) senators have fostered and developed over the course of their careers. It's one thing for the people to be in want of a plain-speaking, "of the people" politician to give us a break from the hyperbole of the others, but it is entirely another thing to vote for someone who woke up one day, realised they couldn't pay their bills that month and so decided to run for Senate. In the chaos that is the wet dream "average … [Read More...]


5 top tips for CV success

The ‘perfect CV’ appears to be an elusive beast - but creating a CV that is attractive to prospective employers is actually a simple process when you follow a few fundamental rules and take expert advice. Here’s our top 5 tips for CV success. 1. Always tell the truth – lots of people ‘bend the truth’ on their CVs to appear more attractive to employers – but the fact is, bend it a little too much and you’ll always get found out. Honesty really is the best policy on your CV – and it’s much better to speak candidly and openly about your abilities than to lie and be found out later – at the … [Read More...]


Powerful Women and Feminism in Ancient Times

When you think ancient times, you don’t immediately think feminism. But surprisingly, in ancient Egypt and Greece, there were women of power who were highly respected and are still looked up to. These women’s roles would not be taken seriously in some parts of the world today. If a woman tried leading a navy ship of mostly men, chances are she would be laughed at; if a woman tried to reign over an entire country, she might be considered a joke.  Not that there aren’t women in powerful leadership … [Read More...]

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