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Happy Food for a Healthy Life

We all want to be happy and we all strive to find happiness. However, happiness is subjective. Studies show that it has less to do with materialistic needs and achievement; it’s more about your outlook on life and your relationship with those around you. There are many reasons to be happy. Happy people are more […]


Japan Ordered To Cease Whaling

Whaling has been a long-held tradition in Japanese culture, estimated as starting around the 12th century and primarily hunted for their meat though also utilized for products such as lamp oil, soaps, fertilizer, make up etc However, this method of whaling required significant financial investment from rich individuals to compensate for the large labour force necessary. Throughout the 20th century, Japan became increasingly involved in the modern whaling industry. As the levels of the whale population depleted considerably, the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling was formed … [Read More...]


10 Tips to Supercharge Your Editing Skills

We’ve all been there. You’ve just submitted something important; an article, a proposal, an assignment, a thesis, and while giving yourself one last congratulatory read over, you see it. A mistake. Not just a mistake, a huge mistake. Right there in the headline. It’s horribly frustrating, and we’ve all done it, but before you start swearing and wringing your hands, let’s take a look at the reason we can’t shake this problem. Studies show that your brain selectively edits information to make it more understandable to you, effectively cancelling out shonky word order or missing apostrophes in … [Read More...]


Girl Guides Get Creative

Girl Guides and girls interested in joining spent four days learning and creating their own visual arts and performance pieces which they showcased for family, friends, media and VIP’s – including the Deputy Mayor of Pittwater Cr Kylie Ferguson. Vispera was a pioneer Girl Guides camp designed by the Guides themselves and a success with the Girls, Parents and leaders. The Guides were tutored by an array of talent, one of which was the famous Sydney comedian Dan Ilic. During the Camp they faced … [Read More...]

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