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The I Can Network – Rethinking Autism

In September of 2013, three Monash University students on the autism spectrum hit on an idea; a support network run by autistic people, for autistic people. Where most organizations that focus on autism treat it as a disorder, these three wanted theirs to concentrate on the strengths and talents of people on the spectrum, while […]


Equal Access – should all your uni lectures be recorded?

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” - George Orwell, Animal Farm. It’s week 3 of uni. You get a call from the surgeon’s office offering you a surgery slot at week 6. You’re taking 300mg of Tramadol daily and simple activities such as walking and driving are absolutely taking it out of you. You’ve passed out several times from the Tramadol and passed out again in a lecture from withdrawals when you haven't taken it. You live 1 hour by car or 2 hours by public transport from uni. Driving is hard because it’s your right hip that’s injured. You use you right … [Read More...]


Happily ever after?!

From the ‘break-up’ when you give up University life, to your first job interview that leaves you ‘giggly and warm inside’, the life path of a graduate exploring the job market is never easy. There’s no denying… it has turned into one of ‘those’ relationships where your friends are starting to feel concerned for your well-being and your family are planning an intervention. You never thought it could feel like this: your heart’s racing, your palms are constantly sweaty and you’ve never been so on-the-edge in your life. After years of putting in the hard graft, early morning caffeine shots of … [Read More...]


Powerful Women and Feminism in Ancient Times

When you think ancient times, you don’t immediately think feminism. But surprisingly, in ancient Egypt and Greece, there were women of power who were highly respected and are still looked up to. These women’s roles would not be taken seriously in some parts of the world today. If a woman tried leading a navy ship of mostly men, chances are she would be laughed at; if a woman tried to reign over an entire country, she might be considered a joke.  Not that there aren’t women in powerful leadership … [Read More...]

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