$3.2 Million Spy Suit

spy suit

What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe? SuitArtss new creation will brighten up your collection. It’s like something that jumped out of a James Bond or Batman movie. For only $3.2 million, this diamond encrusted suit could be yours today.

Built for luxury and security, Diamond Armor combines the technology supplied by Croshield, a company that makes bulletproof vests and helmets, to achieve what manufacturers call a “Level II protection classification”. This means it can protect you from bullets fired by 9 mm pistols and 0.357 Magnums.


You wouldn’t want your fancy suit to be stained or dirtied, right? Well, never fear because the outer layer of the fabric is created from a nanotechnology process inspired by the leaves of plants, which makes it waterproof and dirt-resistant – guarding it from natural enemies like soil, stains, liquids, etc.

This spy suit is capable of protecting itself and its’ wearer but what about comfort? Don’t worry, dubbed as the “most expensive custom tailored suit in the world”, Diamond Armor is made to fit the shape and form of your body. It also comes with a built-in air conditioning system, which could be activated with the push of a button. This technology was developed by EMPA and it keeps the wearer cool through a water humidification process.

Finally, with a price tag of $3.2 million dollars, one would assume that the suit would be made out of gold, right? Well, that was my first reaction at least. It’s not, but close enough.

The suit is embedded with 880 black diamonds, 600 of which are fixed around lapel and contours of the suit. The buttons on the jacket are made from steel and bejeweled by 2800 back diamonds around the edge. Adding to the super spy theme of the suit, the silk lining features a painting by Luciano Goizueta who’s artwork was used in a spy movie called This Means War.

This is definitely the suit to get if you are a James Bond fans out there. After all, who doesn’t want to be an international super spy?

By: Marina

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