3 Key Tips to make your Resume Stand Out

The ability to write a great resume is an important life skill that everybody should master. You might already have an idea of a resume’s format (thanks to Google). But there are certain key details that can make all the difference.

We encourage you to read these next few tips and set foot into the the real world with an ace up your sleeve – knowing how to create an effective resume that stands out from the crowd and displays your full potential!

Tip #1: How to Generate Results with your Resume

Successful candidates know how to create an eye catching resume that will immediately grab a hiring manager’s attention and convince them to contact you for an interview. You’ll need to write a resume keeping a clear objective in mind. It needs to be customised for the job you are applying for. Read over the job requirements. How have you demonstrated similar skills in your past work experience or personal life?

Secondly, what are the company’s values? You need to demonstrate that you will fit into a company’s work culture easily by demonstrating parallels between your life and your values to that of the company’s. Don’t be shy, show off your best skills and abilities in your resume. Have you participated in sports teams? Have you volunteered? These activities show that you have teamwork skills, you take initiative and you service the community. All very valuable traits in an employer’s eyes!

Tip #2: Keep it Sweet and Succinct!

Your resume should be convincing and easy to read whilst most importantly being sweet and succinct. A one to two page resume is ideal. Think of your resume as the initial interview. It’s a means of promoting yourself to a crowd (future employer, HR specialists) who have never seen or heard of you before. You want to tell them exactly how extraordinary you are and how you can add value to their business. Tell them why your skills and experience demonstrate you are the best person for the job. Include the most relevant information that will demonstrate to employers how you will make full use of your talent to drive results.

Tip #3: Active Personal Marketing on Social Media

It’s important to keep things semi-professional on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be aware of your privacy settings. Some employers do search you up on social media. Also, ever heard about a social media platform called LinkedIn? A 2015 Jobvite survey showed that 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn as part of their process. It’s important to create a LinkedIn profile and keep your skills and work experience updated.  Also, it’s always a good idea to network and follow the companies that you want to work for.

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