#5 Expensive Looks for Less

As a student on a tight budget, I know how difficult it is to afford luxe fashion pieces and accessories without breaking the bank. Luckily, I’ve discovered a few ways to create an expensive and stylish overall look that will help other students to stand out in no time. I’ve put together a go-to fashion guide to save you time, and money.


This may sound like a no-no to some, but op shopping is a secret fashion weapon that will seriously save you a lot of cash. Likewise, thrift stores usually stock second hand designer pieces that are extremely low in price and in good condition. You can expect to find vintage Doc Martens, Tommy Hilfiger sweaters, real fur coats, quality Levi denim, designer bags or other pieces that will give your outfit that expensive edge.

I often find myself spending hours at op shops, sifting through the distinct pieces that aren’t only unique, but have a story to tell.


When it comes to handbags, it’s best to opt for a quality piece that is stylish and strong – to hold your makeup, a notepad, a bottle of water, and any other essentials. Although spending more money on a handbag is a good idea, you can find cheaper options at stores like ZARA or H&M, which are known to stock classy looks for less.


Photo: Miss Moss

Accessories are a nice way to heighten any outfit – casual or dressy. Experiment with pieces like stacked rings, bangles, a watch and chunky trendy rings to create a cool and stylish look for a low price. Gemstones can also add personality to an outfit and if you’re a fan of DIY, you can make some pieces yourself.

I’ve saved a lot of money by making my own jewellery and I like to mix and match various designs together even if they contrast – boho bracelets with silver rings, or second hand brooches can all work together well if styled right.


One of the most important steps to consider when trying to achieve that expensive look is taking note of the small details like makeup, nails and hair. If you have an important event coming up, a clean manicure and set of nails – with simple polish or acrylics – will add that extra touch of elegance. Shellac nails are a great option as they don’t chip easily and require less maintenance. However, a simple DIY approach at home is not such a bad idea either.

In addition, think about restyling your hair with a fringe, a trim or a fresh colour – which can also be done at home instead of the salon.


Photo: ASOS

Old and tattered footwear won’t leave the best impression, so purchasing an array of new shoes is vital to keep with the polished look. Luckily, Australia is spoilt for choice with an array of shoe stores that offer trending pieces for a low price, including online outlets like ASOS, Boohoo or Missguided.

I always try to think logically when it comes to buying shoes and tend to steer toward neutral tones that will easily match a variety of different outfits. Black, nude, brown or navy won’t let you down.

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