5 Tips to Help you Ace your Exam Like a Pro

Exam time has rolled around again, and although we are working hard towards graduating, we have most definitely already graduated from a Masters in Procrastination. Here are five tips to help you refresh your mind and get you ready for that big study sesh.

1. Listen to music

Working up the motivation for a long study session is a lot like running a marathon. It takes a lot of mental strength, so to get you pumped up we recommend listening to a playlist of your favorite songs. Don’t forget to keep some snacks on hand, a satisfied stomach means better concentration.

2. Set goals and reward yourself for achieving them!

Study Incentive: When You Reach a Gummy Bear, You Get to Eat It!

Study Incentive: When you reach a Gummy Bear, You can eat it!

If you find it difficult to work towards an end goal, why not work towards many smaller goals! Break your studying into sections, after you are done with each goal take a short break, rejuvenate and get back to work! You can reward yourself with snacks, a short movie or just some chillout time.

3. Take a walk 

Taking a walk is a great way to refresh your mind and get refocused! You will be also doing yourself a favor after eating all those gummy bears… Take your dog with you they will love you for it! Fresh air can do wonders to that mental block and make you feel motivated again.

4. Revise, revise, revise

Make sure to prepare your notes early, and try to read them often so it stays in your mind. If you read something over and over, chances are your subconscious will remember it later. Although everybody has crammed for an exam (maybe more than once…) wouldn’t you feel a lot better going into an exam knowing you prepared the best you can? This way you will also avoid the meltdown that inevitably happens during that last-minute cram.

5. Get enough sleep! 

Remember to get enough sleep the night before your exam. You don’t want to be running late or feeling like a zombie while the examiner says ‘Time starts now’!

Best of luck everyone! – Student View Team

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