Romantic DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas

These Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are sure to earn you some brownie points!

1. Sweet Chocolate-covered Strawberry Hearts

Sweet Chocolate Valentine Hearts are always a winner! It’s amazing how many chocolates are consumed on Valentines Day, nothing says romance more than satisfying your partners sweet tooth with deliciously delectable concoctions !

Click Here For The Recipe


2. From Mix Tapes to Mix CD’s to Mix USB’s


Watch any 80’s movie and you would hear about this thing called a ”Mix Tape”, a collection of songs and music which reminds you of your ‘bae’. A timeless romantic gesture, that only requires your time and a small budget. If you think buying a USB Flash Drive is still too expensive, re-use an old one and decorate it with ‘love doodles’ or your partners initials to make it more thoughtful. Don’t forget to pick songs that mean something to the both of you or just go wild with overly romantic love songs to make them blush. As they say, if music is the food of love, play on!

3. My Love Jar

Ever heard of  the saying “You never really know what you have until it’s gone”? So why not tell your significant other all the things you love and adore about them by simply writing it down. Nothing says love more than a boost of ego. Use an old jar or tin you have lying around, clean it thoroughly and decorate it with some ribbons and heart shape cut outs. Take a few post it notes and start writing down your thoughts, you can add in some quotes, memories or promises. The decorative piece can be kept in desks, kitchens or bedrooms and will be there for the rest of the year to put a smile on your sweethearts face every time they feel down.

Love Jar

4. Red Velvet Heart Pancakes (Healthy Option)

Want to impress with your Master Chef skills? Show your sweetheart that you love them on Valentine’s Day with these bright red heart shaped pancakes!

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5. Conversation Heart Cheese Cake Desserts

How sweet are the little Valentines Candies that declare “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me”. Now you can make these cute cheesecake versions!

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6. Origami Rose Bouquet

A red rose is classically romantic and the smell of roses is a sign that ”love is in the air”. Unfortunately, as packs of people buy roses on Valentines Day, the prices of the real flowers can be exorbitantly expensive and once they wilt away your money is pretty much in the thrash. So why not try making an origami bouquet, its cheap, easy to make and as beautiful as the real flowers! Your love will be super impressed with your paper folding skills and  thoughtfulness. Anyone can buy a rose, but only a few can make one!

7. Love Massage Bars 

What is more sexy and romantic than a massage session with your love? LUSH Cosmetics make some really fantastic massage bars but here is one you can make at home with only 3 ingredients!


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