#5 Tips for Student Fashion

If you were like me and went to an all girls school for 90% of your school years you would know the word fashion wasn’t in your dictionary much. Labelled as one of the private girl school zombies your wardrobe consisted of mainly uniforms that were made specifically to hide all your best assets. Fortunately, as a uni student they don’t treat you like a convict anymore…so now your asking yourself? What do I wear?

So here’s some tips for the freshers out there!

Don’t go overboard

Yes we know it’s a new exciting experience – but this isn’t a party and the tutor isn’t going to appreciate that booty hanging out all day in class. A nice pair of jeans paired with a sexy top and some boots can give you all the allure and excitement you need. Don’t try to hard or you will be labelled by the older students as a newbie.

Shop for Less


When you enroll into uni, you most likely notice you get a handful of student discounts wherever you go. More than that if you sign up with ISIC Australia for a student discount card you get offers on a range of clothing brands and much more (Check out Student View’s offer for less with ISIC Cards)! Find genuine treasures at local charity shops. Don’t be put off by the eccentric staff or ratty smell, a good clean can do wonders to a vintage jacket.

Tender, Love and Care

I’m sure you have a favorite pair of pants which keep you comfy and warm but look like they need some CPR. I’m talking from personal experience here. When you have spent an arm and a leg on that leather bag you carry around with pride you want to make sure it lasts. And for that reason, learn to hand-wash and use quality products for the correct materials. Taking care of what you wear can make sure your pockets don’t run dry and your not looking like the homeless person when you walk into class.

Exchange and Interchange


I’m sure you understand simple maths – so lets break it down. You want to build a wardrobe of good quality comfortable clothes that can be worn on several occasions.  This is especially true for men who can sometimes meander around the boring side of fashion.

I get it, society has deemed you don’t have to try as hard as us women but a little effort didn’t hurt anyone.

Imagine if you owned 3 pieces of interchangeable outfits. Each outfit has one sweater, one shirt, and one jeans. Assuming you could fully interchange these three items, your number of total outfits becomes 3x3x3 = 27 ! That’s a different outfit everyday for a month…

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize…


Perk up any outfit with a statement piece – rose-colored sunglasses, a chic new pair of shoes or a chunky necklace. The days of matching have long been buried in 1950s look books so don’t be afraid of some contrast to make your outfit a knockout. A clever and versatile accessory everyone needs is a good patterned scarf, that can make any dull clothing a little more fun. Keep one in your bag to change your look from student mess into cool grunge. You don’t have to over think what matches and works,  just pick one, big accessory and go with it.

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