A Good Year

A Good Year directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Albert Finney and Freddie Highmore is a film based on the novel A Good Year by author Peter Mayle.

A Good Year

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Max Skinner is a high flying finance man making plenty of money and enemies in London. After a particularly ungentlemanly financial manoeuvre, Max is suspended from his firm. At the same time, his beloved Uncle Henry leaving Max a substantial “French chateau”.

Once he arrives in France, Max remembers some of his childhood spent at the residence. Max decides that he doesn’t want to change his life, and intends to sell the place.

It’s at this time, a young Christie Roberts (Australia’s Abbie Cornish) shows up at the doorstep claiming to be Uncle Henry’s long lost daughter. Max thinks this is convenient timing, and seems to throw a spanner into the works to sell the place.

The romantic aspect of this film is between Max and the local goddess, Fanny Chanel (played by Marion Cotillard). Max is absolutely enamoured with her – and so is the rest of the village. This relationship is made difficult by Max’s insistence on returning to his former life in London.

The scenery is absolutely stunning. It takes the viewer to a different world. A carefree, more beautiful world.

Although A Good Year contains a number of corny phrases from Max in particular, it’s still worth seeing. Once you have, you will want to spend a year in Provence.


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