Swansea: A Hidden Party Capital in the South of Wales


The first time I heard of Swansea was when Simon from The Inbetweeners blew up when he had to move there.


Swansea in Winter

Admittedly when I was in Swansea many people actually asked me what made me come to one of the rainiest places in the UK.

For those who don’t know, Swansea (Abertawe in Welsh) is in the south of Wales.

Although a member of the UK, poor Wales gets a bad rap for having ‘sheep shaggers’.

This is where I went last year on my university exchange. Ask me why and it was because I was 99.9% certain I would be accepted there, no questions asked.

For all the jokes and disbelieving looks I received when I told people I was going, Swansea is actually pretty damn amazing.

Although The Inbetweeners had me thinking it was full of old people, the nightlife in Swansea is one of the best I have ever been to.

Wednesday night was student night with cheap drinks down Wind Street (the club and bar street of the city, affectionately nicknamed ‘Wine’ Street by the students).

Thursday night at Sin City, Fridays at Oceana, where the 3-4-1 drinks meant a memorable (or maybe not so much) night and weekends would see you end up in Odessy, where students go when no-where else will let them in.

Aside from the outrageous nightlife, the city itself was quaint and pretty.
The Gower, a large natural piece of stunning land took my breath away and the small suburb of Mumbles was incredibly cute.

The beach (if you could call it that) was right across from the uni and I managed to have my first ever snowball fight instead of doing an exam.
If you’re thinking of doing a university exchange make sure you check out Swansea University (Prifysgol Abertawe).

By Emma Mackenzie.
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