A Little Bit of Heaven ReView

A Little Bit of Heaven

Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson), a carefree woman with a promising career, great friends, and witty sense of humour, learns that she has terminal cancer. She is told the news by Dr. Goldstein (Gael Garcia Bernal) a successful doctor with a hardened exterior, who is deeply impressed and affected by the way Marley accepts the news of her fate with humour and dignity. From there, Marley and Julian find themselves falling in love, and doing their best to make the most of the time they have left.

A Little Bit of Heaven

A Little Bit of Heaven

This movie is in a similar vain to Love And Other Drugs, in the way that it deals with a budding romance in the face of the great trauma inflicted by serious illness. It does make you laugh, and it certainly makes you cry. Opening with the happy-go-lucky Marley juggling the carefree lifestyle of no-strings sex, good friends and a rewarding career, the film takes a turn to the surreal as she begins to pop off to heaven and have chats with God (Whoopi Goldberg). This is a tolerable addition to the storyline; however the mawkish nature of the “love story” drags along and lacks the romantic tension that such a situation would usually possess.

Director Nicole Kassell (The Woodsman) and first-time writer Gren Wells fault only with the dishonest depiction of sickness and death. The serious and solemn nature of the situation is overshadowed by the almost false proclamation of love by Dr Goldstein, as if he is trying to prove his compassion toward Marley through this confession.

Luckily, Hudson gives a brilliant performance in a role uncommon to her rom-com roots. She is both game and endearing and plays her part flawlessly, without a doubt becoming the highlight of the film.

This movie will bring on the waterworks, and cinematically it is a very easy film to watch. The scenes, scenery and short-cut, close-up pans are easy on the viewers’ senses.

I would recommend this to those who are fans of Nicholas Sparks works and want a cutesy, cliché love story with a good weep at the end.

By Caitlin Pianta

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