Are People the Real Bully Breed?


The most recent ‘great debate’ in the companion animal world has revolved around a rather ill-tasting combination of letters forming the words ‘Breed Specific Legislation’ (herein known as BSL).


According to the biggest Western Australian group lobbying against BSL, under the legislation there would be no sale, transfer of ownership or breeding of restricted breeds. This means that the ultimate effect of BSL would be the elimination of certain breeds of dog, based on their appearance.

Sound a little unfair? Fair enough that the government is trying to prevent further dog attacks from occurring, but does it really make sense to target specific breeds? What happens when an unrelated breed decides to take its anger out on an innocent person?

What most BSL protesters and animal lovers in general seem to be aiming for is a focus on the individual incident rather than stereotyping and gradually eliminating a whole breed of dog… I believe this is expressed, in simpler terms, as ‘Blame the deed, NOT the breed!’

This is one of the slogans the group Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation (WAABSL) are using to convey their powerful message to the wider community. In a bid to inform and educate Western Australian people on why this legislation is not the solution to stopping dog attacks, and ultimately stop this Bill from passing, WAABSL members and supporters are encouraging people to sign petitions.

The ‘dog debates’ are due in parliament at the end of June 2013. If you believe every dog has the right to a fair trial, head over to the WAABSL website to see how you can help. Whatever happens, the fight against BSL will continue. I for one never want to see families deprived of those gorgeous pit bull kisses and smiles.

Seriously, when are people going to start blaming the other end of the ‘often-illegally-absent-with-irresponsible-owners’ lead?

By Fiona Diggins
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