Why do Asian’s love adverts?

Why Asians Love Ads And Why You Will Too

Past studies have revealed that the average person sees as many as 3,000 marketing messages each day – including things like the brand label on your undies and the packaging of your toothpaste. With so many ads buzzing around us, it’s obvious why Aussies try to avoid them as much as possible.

But believe it or not, as much as we hate ads in Australia, people are loving and even fighting over them in Asia. Founded three years ago in Hong Kong, JAG, an online rewards platform that pays its quarter million members for watching ads, has effectively created an appetite for ads. The company now operates in Hong Kong, Taiwan and has recently landed in Australia.

People hate ads because they often get in the way of their favourite show and occupy their time. But as long as this time gets compensated, people will love ads as much as watching Master Chef. Through JAG, advertisers will pay members AUD $1 for watching an ad and providing feedback. While members earn their fair share, advertisers can find the right target to consume their ads, which is something they try hard but fail to achieve even by spending millions of dollars to buy the most prominent ad space.

With the money they earn from JAG, members can cash out in the form of gift cards or vouchers and can redeem from heaps of retailers including Coles, MYER, Jetstar, IKEA, Caltex, Top Shop, Kmart and many more.

For more information on how to earn from watching ads, visit www.jagbonus.com.au.

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