Baby we miss you


The moon shined a little dimmer.
The stars lost their shimmer.
The sparkle in my eye.
The truth to the lie.
Yet you’re still not here.
Now nothing seems clear.

Baby we miss you.

The rain kept pouring.
Your name we keep calling.
Not a sound in the world.
It’s you we deserve.
You’re the key to my heart.
Now forever apart.

Baby we miss you.

The minutes in an hour.
Before the fight turns sour.
The touch of the wind.
That holds me till the end.
A pillow of roses.
The touching of noses.
The scent of love.
Has fallen from above.
But it’s still you we desire.
Every second, every minute..
of every hour.

Baby we miss you.

By Louise Britton.

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  1. Richard Quan

    10/01/2014 at 7:55 am

    Very evocative and moving poem…I like it very much…..

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