By Mackenzie Woeste

Whether this is your first year or third year, managing a hectic class schedule never gets easy. For those who work while trying to maintain your HD’s it’s even harder to manage your schedule. However, there are ways to manage your schedule without getting premature gray hair and maintaining your life outside school. Here are ten tips for managing your schedule.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead isn’t always easy, especially because life seems to always throw curveballs. However, one positive side of University is that your Student Schedule will always remain constant. Check out your schedule on Sunday evening to see what school commitments you have coming your way.

Organize yourself

Organizing yourself is key to succeeding in University. If you’re a naturally disorganized person this may prove slightly difficult but it just means you have to make more of an effort. Some key things you can do to keep yourself organized include maintaining a calendar/journal, color code specific classes and keep a different folder for each class. Majority of Universities offer a free journal that will include your holidays and a weekly calendar view where you can take notes of assignments due.

Prioritize Assignments

This relates to when you’re planning ahead, consider what assignments are going to take you longer and make sure you start those early. If you have an assignment worth a large portion of your grade that has multiple parts, try and complete each part after you cover it in class. If you do small parts to a large assignment over time it takes all the cramming out at the end of the semester.

Create Time Blocks

When you’re organizing yourself and planning ahead it helps to schedule time blocks into your schedule. Try and schedule a couple of hours per class per week. If you stick to your time blocks it will help to maintain structure within your week.

Stress Management

This is key when you’re trying to manage your schedule. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at your Student Schedule and crunching for exams. Relating back to point four, try and create some time for yourself where you do something you enjoy and leave University at the back of your mind. Some students may try meditating or exercise while some might enjoy computer games, whatever your method to relax is, you should be incorporate it into your schedule.

If you’re feeling stressed out from trying to maintain your class schedule, try these five tips to manage your schedule. The most important aspect of managing your schedule is to maintain your stress because this will cut down on a lot of other worries you may be having.

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