Directed by Kimble Rendall

Staring Xavier Samuel, Julian McMahon, Sharni Vinson, Phoebe Tonkin, Lincoln Lewis

What would you rather? ‘Snakes on a plane’ or ‘Sharks in a supermarket’? Not your average thought, but this latest Aussie flick makes you ponder just that. Directed by Kimble Randall and staring an all Aussie cast, this 3DAction/Horror effortlessly manages to combine a natural disaster with a one on one showdown between man and one of its most dangerous predators.

After a freak tsunami strikes the Australian coast, Josh (Xavier Samuel), an ex-lifeguard who has unfortunately already witnessed the wrath of a Great White Shark, remains trapped with several other shoppers in a local supermarket.  The fear of an aftershock wave and the continuous rising level of the water forces the survivors to work together in order to escape. But their attempts are quickly rendered futile when they realize that water wasn’t the only thing that poured in; the survivors were shocked to discover a 12 foot Great White Shark in aisle 7.

In the following of movies like “Piranha 3D” and “Shark Night” the movie doesn’t disappoint, in fact, it raises the bar. An almost realistic unfolding of events together with excellent 3D, which complimented the genre beautifully bringing clear, colorful and in your face images so as not to miss out on any gory details. The movie set out to entertain, and by the outbursts of laughter of myself and my fellow moviegoers, it certainly did.  Mangled dead bodies, gruesome shark attacks, intense ‘Bold and the Beautiful stares’ and slow motion ‘Rambo like scenes’ combined nicely to bring an over the top engaging story of human survival.

The movie was outrageously entertaining, a definite thumbs up and certainly worth a cinema viewing, if not for the 3D, then to support our Aussie Film Industry.

By Monique Rossi

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