Why Banking On a Career in Accounting is Sure to Pay Off

When you are getting close to finishing school, or searching for a new career change in your life, there is a lot of information out there to learn from when it comes to finding out what sort of career to invest your time in. Choosing a career can be tough, whether it’s deciding to go for a graduate certificate, or choosing a bachelor’s degree at a university.

The choice you make can depend on how long you want to spend studying and how invested you are in your future career choice. One area that should be high up on your list for consideration is accounting. A career in accounting holds a lot of promise and is one that we think you should think about! In case you’re wondering why, take a look at our list of ten key reasons why a career in accounting is a great choice.

You’ll always have a job

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what the economy is doing at the time, there is always going to be a need for accounting experts. Governments, small and large business and corporations will always need someone clever and switched on to manage their budgets and to help with taxes – perhaps even more so when the economy isn’t looking so good. If you’re a skilled and highly-trained accountant, you’ll find work easily.


You can pick and choose your industry

You won’t be confined to one particular industry when you choose accounting – perhaps you want to work for a not for profit, or a government agency. Maybe corporate or commercial business is your style – whatever you’re after you’ll find a role to suit with accounting.

You can work freelance or full-time

Want more flexibility? You can have it with an accounting qualification.

You can work full time or you can enlist with an accounting firm to work for a range of clients. This is great for future commitment or when you want to be able to work and have a good free-time balance as well.

You’re important

You are going to be one of the most highly valued members of the business. You’ll have a lot of control over things and your work will be treated with respect. After all, you help to shape the future of the business through savvy financial control and management.

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You’re an expert

People in business trust their accountant to make sure that things are going to be ok. You’ll find that if you enjoy being relied on and trusted, you’ll get a lot of job satisfaction from your role as an accountant.

You won’t get bored

The idea that accounting is a boring profession is such a lie!

Every day is usually a new challenge, which means that you’ll always be looking forward to something unusual and new. You will also be involved in various aspects of the company which means that you’ll have a lot of diversity.


Things are stable

While your job may be interesting your position will be stable. You’ll have regular hours, a salary which will only get better over time, benefits from your employers and the ability to plan for the future. After years of study and working odd jobs this can be an incredible boost.

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You can explore roles

When you’re a good accountant you will have the opportunity to work your way up in a company, but you can also work sideways. An accountant can add to their skills and go into something like teaching or even something like investing if you have the head and stomach for the thrill of the stock market!

Your job involves meeting new people

You will always be in touch with new people in your role and will always be networking and building new relationships. It’s up to you how much you use these relationships to grow your career.

You’re always learning

Like we’ve said – a day in the life of an accountant is never boring, and when you have these skills you have them for life.

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