Behind the Scenes with Sam Hoffmann

An adventurous soul by nature, Sam Hoffmann takes us on a journey through his photographs capturing movement, people and beautiful scenery. After many years of travelling with a camera in his hands, we got to sit down with Sam to learn more about his life and the inspiration for his work.

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

My hobbies include competing in triathlons and exploring the great outdoors.


What inspires your photography?

It has become a way of documenting the amazing locations my friends and I go, both in our travels and through triathlon events. It’s an amazing feeling being able to capture those moments and keep them in a photograph. Looking back at some of my old photos creates a lot of happy memories for me.


What are some of your favorite things to photograph?

I would have to say nothing can beat the spectacular view of the sunset or sunrise. Especially in Australia, you can be on a secluded beach in the middle of nowhere and get the most beautiful photograph waiting to be captured.


 Who do you take on your adventures?

I am usually with my mates and my dog, it’s an amazing feeling to be around people you love and share memories with them. My motto is to “Never Stop Exploring” and the best part is when you get to do it with your friends.

We are honored to have such a talent on our team!

All photographs are credited to Sam Hoffmann.


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