Broken City

Broken City is full of action and some of the superstars of Hollywood. Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) is a New York City cop facing a murder charge for shooting a rapist and murderer.

Billy dodges those charges but leaves the police force. Seven years later, the Mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Russell Crowe) needs Billy – now a private detective – to find who is sleeping with his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Broken City

With an election for the city and some pretty substantial policies affecting a number of people, the race is tense. Hostetler’s view is that he can’t have his wife cheating on him because the people won’t forgive that.

Unfortunately for Billy, the easy money offered by the Mayor becomes much less easy when Billy finds Mrs Hostetler liaising with the chief of staff to Mayor Hostetler’s opponent. Billy then needs to dig deeper into this mystery fast – before his past catches up to him.

Strangely though, this film doesn’t really have any romance. What it does have is one of the most awkward scenes in any film I’ve ever seen. Billy’s girlfriend is an actress who is seemingly too friendly with one of her male actor friends. Billy comes along to see the premiere of the indie film both of the actors star in – only to find a graphic sex scene between the two. The look on his face while he watches this is… well you can imagine. Then he gets drunk at the after party and the relationship sours from there.

With a few twists and turns, Broken City is as expected. A little bit of mystery, plenty of action and a few stars playing reasonable roles. It wasn’t as good as it should have been with the quality of people in the film, so 6/10 is appropriate.

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