The adapative open documentary format opened the doors to truly relate to the life-story told by ‘Buck’.  Horse lover or not, animal lover or not ~ the real life days in the life of horse clinics allows even the person with a strongest fear towards horses to appreciate them on a higher level.  Even Buck started our as cynical expecting to only learn very little but was soon on the road to the successful ‘horse whisper’ he is today.

Admittedly, I am an animal lover.  Watching the horses, the many, many horses with many problems; listening to the experiences being told by those who have been helped by Buck made me just want to go and watch him in action; in real life Buck doing his thing.

I believe, as humans we have all been happy, sad, miserable, fearful at some point in our lives; travelling along with Buck even without knowing it at the time – the horse clinics, the talent, how the horses learn from us their owners – you learn.  Even if you try to resist and say ‘no, not me’.  Bucks story and his passion to help horses really touched my heart.

You will laugh, you will shed atleast a tear – but there area also moments in this documentary where you hold your breath …waiting…perhaps praying for ….. – GO SEE THE MOVIE & YOU’LL KNOW WHAT YOU’RE PRAYING FOR.

Michaela Jackson

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