Canada’s Australian Obsession

Here’s something strange; recently it has become quite boring or un-cool to be Canadian.

Many celebrities like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson hardly ever mention that they are from Canada, and many Canadian students have been travelling abroad for their education. Why do people think that Canada is so boring? According to some, it is because we lack smooth accents, classy cuisine and our movies and television shows aren’t always five stars. Sometimes a Quebec accent with a side of poutine and Beaver Tails mixed with snow isn’t everyone’s thing.

In the past 3 years, more and more Canadian citizens have been moving to Australia. There is something so appealing about Australia to Canadians. No snow, beautiful beaches, accents that you could listen to all day, and not to mention amazing universities.

                “There is just something so surreal about Australia,” says Ottawa University student Chelsea Reed. “I remember my first trip to Queensland when I was fourteen; I got off the plane and almost immediately started crying. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing for years. I have always loved Australian TV and seeing the actual place was breathtaking.”

Chelsea’s parents took one huge step over the summer and bought a vacation home in Noosa Heads. “As cheesy as it sounds, it’s like the ending scene is Hercules,” Reed says. “I finally found where I belong.”

While some are falling in love with the scenery, others are falling in love with some of Australia’s most famous television characters like Maggie Doyle and those living on Ramsay Street. Something about the 1990s attracts Canadians.

                “I love the nineties episodes of Neighbours,” says Halifax resident Sarah Sutherland. “The newer ones are a little too 90210 for me.”

Another great love of Sutherland’s? “Lisa McCune, oh my goodness!” she gushes over the phone. “I wanted to fly over and see her in Guys and Dolls so badly! But of course my bank account wouldn’t have liked that very much. I’ve been a fan of her since I was a kid watching Blue Heelers. I actually went as Maggie for Halloween one year.”

Even though it ended in 2006, Blue Heelers is still huge in Canada, as well as McCune’s other popular series, Sea Patrol.

                “I was obsessed,” Sutherland says. “I couldn’t miss one episode. My friends and I were so crushed when Buffer and Spider didn’t come back in season three. We are quoting them all the time, it’s actually ridiculous!”

Along with Chelsea and Sarah, there are many other Canadians loving the beautiful nation that is Australia and hoping to someday permanently live there.

                “Brisbane is my dream home,” Reed adds. “Melina and I are moving there in two years. It’s going to be wild!”

Canada’s Australian Obsession.

By Milena Livermore
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  1. Will

    08/02/2013 at 8:31 pm

    Dear Milena Livermore:

    For starters, Canadians are extremely proud of their country and the vast majority feel it to be the best nation on Earth:

    Secondly, there are more Australians living in Canada than Canadians living in Australia (and Australia is smaller than Canada so that means a larger percentage of Australia’s population live in Canada relative to the percentage of Canadians residing in Australia): /

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Australians and believe their country to be an exceptionally beautiful one. As a Canadian though, I’m anything but “obsessed” with it. For every Canadian raving about Australia, I can find an Australian raving about Canada:

    “After consulting for Sonoma’s Carmenet Winery in 1989 Martin toured Western Canada. A window seat at the Banff Springs Hotel restaurant, with an impressive vista of the snow-capped Rockies, intensified his fascination with Canada. ‘I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, but then I’d always had a thing for Canada,’ he admits.

    Flashback to 1988’s World Expo in Brisbane. In an IMAX theatre at the Canadian pavilion, Martin, then-chief red winemaker for McWilliam’s Wines, is ‘blown away’ by Canadian scenery via film. He was later astonished by the bounty of British Columbia fruit. ‘I was utterly amazed by the characteristics and intensity of Okanagan fruit—I mean all edible fruit, not just grapes.'”

    Read on:

    Justin Bieber is on record for having said that “Canada is the BEST country in the world” and that he has no need for US citizenship:

  2. Will

    08/02/2013 at 8:52 pm

    And while I don’t doubt that Australia has some amazing universities, Canada is ranked 3rd in the world for the overall quality of its university system. Australia sits at 8th.

  3. Melina Livermore

    11/02/2013 at 2:06 pm

    Thanks for your opinion 🙂 This was just mine.

  4. Chris (Aussie)

    26/11/2013 at 11:40 am

    Thanks Melina it’s always great to hear such positive feedback. Your opinion counts no matter what anyone else has to say 🙂

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