First of all, this is one of the very first biography films I’ve ever seen. The story revolves around a man called “Ramirez Sanchez” aka Carlos The Jackal.


Carlos – ReViewed at the Astor Theatre, Melbourne

Although it is a biographic film, film production did pretty well in the first 2 parts. The first 2 parts of the story line is full of exciting material and does well in selecting what to present in order to give the audience some ideas of young Carlos’s personalities and his political beliefs. Edgar Ramirez, the main actor, does an outstanding and fearless job capturing the many contradictions of Carlos. The OPEC raid seems to be the peak of this movie.

However, the final part is quite sloppy and hardly entertaining as the first two parts. After the war ends, Carlos loses his ideal revolution by his own frustation and money. This part shows repetitive scenes of Carlos randomly approaching women, living with fear of arrest and drinking to relieve his frustration. I found the assassination and backstabbing in this part very confusing. As the story ran quite fast, I am not sure who was doing what to whom and why. In the end, it is clear that finally Carlos life has taken on him and people around him.

This movie contains some serious nudity. Any guys want to take his first date to see this movie should be concerned with this matter (or your date will be shocked with Ramirez’s down there).

By Nat Chaiwongsriaroon
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