Nathalie’s dream life is shattered after suddenly becoming a young widow.

She struggles to come to terms with the loneliness of her new existence, immersing Delicacyherself in her work at her Paris firm. But not only her work captures the attention of her co-workers, and soon her boss Charles, a smooth and sleazy Frenchman takes a particular interest, extending beyond the realms of the workplace.

Despite his best efforts, Natalie is unimpressed and soon disgusted by his relentless manoeuvring. Enter Markus (another of Nathalie’s colleagues), a huge, quiet, clumsy, and quite unappealing Swede with a quirky sense of humour who soon earns her trust and brings a smile back to her face.

But is Markus’s good nature and affection enough to win her over? Delicacy.

By Clive Drury
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