Does Age Play a Role in Relationships ?

With the recent breaking news of a “crime of passion” in Ottawa, Ontario, there was one big question: what was the motive ?

One of the submissions from ExperienceProject

One of the submissions from ExperienceProject

The man charged with murder, 50-year-old Howard Richmond, was arrested for stabbing his 28-year-old wife, Melissa, causing her death. Her body was found dumped in a ravine near a shopping centre in Ottawa, and the couple was living in Pettawa, Ontario.

With the 22-year age gap between the couple, few comments surfaced that this was the main reason their marriage ended so violently. The couple had been married for 8 years, meaning Melissa married Richmond when she was only 20, and he 42. Everyone has an opinion, and some have voiced how they believed that the age difference could have played a role in their death. This sounds a little ridiculous, but people are saying that at those ages, you don’t have much in common and are at completely different stages in their lives. It is a little far-fetched to say that this led to his actions, because many relationships with age gaps have worked out successfully; but it seems like the bad always outshines the good. Celebrity age gap relationships can’t always be proof that they work—sometimes seeing everyday people makes it more comforting. has a whole page dedicated to those in age gap relationships, where those involved can voice their opinions, stories and share their experiences. Most of the posts are made by women who are the younger of the pair. The gaps range from 8 years, to 20 years, to 33 years. Some are quite shocking, like the 18 year old who is with a 51 year old, or the 24 year old who’s boyfriend is 65. Some of us don’t like to judge, but how can you not ? Some gaps are a little more realistic than others, but you always have to think: how did they meet and how did they end up together? Did the thought of the age difference go through their minds, or was it pushed aside by love ? The thoughts of children, finances, strange looks and even death must have run though their minds at least once.

There is no way to prove that couples who are closer in age last longer than those who are not; but with the recent news in Ottawa, it’s hard to not think that maybe they were two completely different people who were not ready.

by Melina Livermore

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