Eco Eggs: A Public Relations Disaster

Eco Eggs

Eco Eggs is an egg company that features in Choice’s Shonky Awards this year.

Increasingly, consumers are purchasing free range eggs rather than the caged eggs. But very few consumers are aware that the egg industry only has a voluntary code to keep chickens to a maximum of 1500 per hectare to be considered Free Range.

Eco Eggs

In the last day, Choice has released their annual Shonky Awards detailing – in their opinion – the shonky practices of businesses in Australia. If true, there are a number of businesses that are engaging in some pretty dishonest behaviour.

According to Choice, Eco Eggs has a stocking rate of 20,000 chickens per hectare – or 13 times the voluntary code in the chicken industry.

As a result of the exposure, Eco Eggs has been slaughtered on Facebook and Twitter.

Eco Eggs Facebook

Not only has Eco Eggs been slammed in a number of media outlets across the country, but the company has been unable to handle complaints on their social media pages. In fact, some users are reporting that the Facebook page admin has been deleting comments. It is a cardinal sin to delete Facebook comments!

On the Eco Eggs website, the company states “There are many advantages in free range farming compared to either intensive caged layer management or barn egg production“.

If you happen to purchase Eco Eggs regularly, then perhaps it’s worth reconsidering your options and purchasing eggs that have more legitimate claims. At least until the egg industry sorts itself out!

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