Florence and the Machine – Brisbane 2012

As the lights abruptly dimmed at Brisbane’s Riverstage I was torn between excitement at the imminent arrival of both Florence and her ‘Machine’ to the stage, and apprehension that my pregnant friend who I had just left queuing for the dirty, dirty portaloo would never make her way back. But alas just as she returned, the magnificent Flo graced the stage. Having heard less than amorous Flobot reviews from my little brother from a uni gig he attended back home in England- apparently she was “too mental to be good”- I knew I had to see it for myself. And the moment this Ophelia inspired creature opened her beautiful British mouth, I knew that my suspicions had come true: it was my brother’s taste in music, not Florence’s performance that was awful.

For the first few songs our entertainer remained in a shadowy haze, furthering the mystery that emanated from the warlocks cloak that perfectly mirrored her ethereal spoken and harrowing descant.  Her voice is truly beautiful, and when the lights finally flared revealing a jumping Florence, re-enacting her classic “Rabbit Heart”, adorned in a vintage jumpsuit and sporting a streak of flaming hair the whole audience lit up alongside her. The gig was a perfect mix of old and new showcasing the true, eerie weirdness of Florence and the Machines music alongside Flo herself presenting as an affable and entertaining host.

Lowlights, if any, was the ‘slightly’ disappointing slowed-down version of “You’ve Got the Love”; a song that good just doesn’t need to be changed. Highlights, Florence going absolutely wild on the drums in the encore, and the true joy that Florence + her-highly-talented Machine have in performing together; happily warming up  their avid audience on an unusually cold  Brisbane night.

By Jessica

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  1. Allen

    28/05/2012 at 10:53 am

    Eloquently written review, makes me dissappointed I had to miss it!

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