Forget eBay – Have a Garage Sale!

garage sale

Increasingly eBay has been offering less and less for sellers.

In order to remain relevant, eBay has focused on providing a better experience for buyers. This has resulted in a worse experience for sellers.

An example of this was the introduction  of the ‘new’ auction system. A bidder simply needs to enter the most that they are willing to spend and eBay will ensure that the buyer’s bid will not exceed that.

This means that sellers get lower prices. Those that were willing to pay significantly more than others, would have previously bid higher than they need to now. Currently, they will only bid 5 cents more than their competing bidder.

So what does that mean for sellers? Perhaps there are better places to sell your goods.

Etsy is a good alternative for those that are creating good, quality work.

A garage sale is also a great place to sell all of your goods in one day – without eBay taking a chunk out of your sales.

garage sale

My garage sale.

Recently I was selling a range of stuff. At first I tried to sell it all on eBay – but there was simply too much sell. Taking the time to upload and describe each item was not a particularly easy task. So instead I decided on hosting a garage sale!

To host a successful garage sale there are a number of steps you need to take in advance. You will need to undertake some marketing efforts.

First off, set a time and date. This will give you the deadline that everything will need to be completed.

Importantly set out your marketing strategy. This may include submitting your garage sale to garage sale websites, local garage sale Facebook groups or even submitting your garage sale to the local newspaper. Another option would be to include a little notice on the community noticeboard – or even at your local supermarket.

One of the key marketing efforts should be your signage. Make sure your garage sale signs are clear and easy to understand and include all relevant information. For example:

Garage Sale (What)

4 Privet Drive (Where)

Sat 31st July (When)

8am – 1pm (When cont…)

*You can also include what you are selling – particularly if there are niche items like records.

Unfortunately many garage sale signs are not clear enough. The writing is often not big enough to read – especially for drivers. Don’t make the same mistake!

Then start sorting out what you intend on selling. This sounds easy – but it’s not. Definitely don’t leave this job until the last minute or you will be very stressed!

Make piles for each price category. Move everything that will be sold for $5 to the one spot. Move everything to be sold for $2 to the one spot.

Try and categorise goods as much as possible. If you can, keep kitchen items together and keep clothes together.

Present your stuff well. Have a rack for all of your clothes. If you can have a table for books, that’s a good idea too – people don’t like to bend down too far.

Ensure that your garage sale area is easily accessible and people won’t bump and break things. I made a simple U shape, but you can have aisles depending on how many things you’re selling.

Another option is to take all of the things that you want to sell to a local market or car boot sale. These events attract lots of people and you can sell everything quite quickly – just don’t expect a high price for your goods!

All in all it was a successful day, and well worth it just for the fun of meeting new people and getting it all done quickly!

When not writing, Matt enjoys farming, films and friends. Not necessarily in that order.

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