How To Get Back Into Your Study Routine

Holidays are the best; you get to sleep in, eat cereal all day and walk around in your pyjamas. They’re the ideal time to relax, chill and combine the two to: chillax.

So what happens when it’s time to get your notebooks out again and find your student diary, gathering dust somewhere in your room? What happens when the semester starts again, and it’s time to be a stressed out student?

Coming back from a break from your usual routine of studying deep into the night, going to classes and most likely a part time job somewhere, you’re probably feeling like you’ve come out of bed with your left foot. It’s like a bad omen to jumping back into the deep end of the pool of knowledge.

Getting back to your study routine may not be easy, but once you get back into the swing of things, order will be restored.

Here are six tips for getting back in the groove:

  1. Stationery – a justifiable excuse to buy more pens, notebooks and desk calendars. Writing a daily to do list with your new study desk setup is a great way to ease into the familiar comforts of being back in your study environment.
  2. Time tables – set out your semester classes and print out your time table. It’s also a fun idea to colour code each class, and have it stuck to your wall or a corkboard; that way it’s always visible.
  3. Distraction free – it may be hard to separate from the love of your life, but your phone will always be there; right there waiting for you when you come back from completing all your to do tasks in no time!
  4. Class act – get off your phone. It’s a bad habit to check your phone compulsively, when you don’t really have to; especially when you’re in a lecture or tutorial. You don’t want to lose focus while your teacher is going through what you’ll need to know for that quiz test next week.
  5. Take note – but only when necessary. It’s easy to get swept up in a lecture and take note of everything that sounds important; mainly out of stress. Yet it’s important to only write down key bits of information. Keep this in mind also, when you go on your highlighting spree.
  6. Partner up – and study better. Sometimes it’s a lot better to team up with other people and motivate each other throughout study sessions and assignments. Remember, you’re not in this alone so find your group of people and school won’t be as stressful.

Hope these helped you get back into the swing of things at school. Let us know if you have other tips!

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  1. Wilfred Michael

    28/11/2017 at 10:14 am

    Really nice tips you’ve got here.

    I’ll try to work on them

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