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Student View received the following email from GetUp regarding Coal Seam Gas, the Santos energy company and the New South Wales government. It’s got all the ingredients for a juicy story, so we thought that we would share!

It’s happened. After years of insisting coal seam gas mining poses no threat to our water supply, a Santos CSG project has poisoned an aquifer in north-western New South Wales.

This is the first time an aquifer has been proven to be contaminated by coal seam gas mining in Australia.

Now, it’s filled with uranium at 20 times the safe drinking water levels, and has elevated levels of arsenic, lead, aluminium, nickel, barium and boron. And the penalty handed down to Santos? A paltry $1500 fine. Unbelievably, two days after the fine was issued, the NSW State Government signed an agreement with Santos to fast-track their coal seam gas development in the Pilliga Forest.

It’s clear. Our governments won’t stand up against dangerous projects that threaten our land, our water and our communities. Looks like it’s up to the rest of us.

Click here to sign the petition to demand Santos CEO David Knox stop the CSG developments in our beautiful Pilliga Forest immediately.

Are you a Santos shareholder? If so, there’s an amazing opportunity for you to be directly involved in Santos’ AGM. Already, 50 shareholders have put their name to a resolution calling on Santos to halt its huge CSG project in north-western NSW. But the resolution can only be put to a vote if 50 more shareholders sign on in the next few days. Click here for more details.

The AGM is being held in May, and is the perfect opportunity to voice our opposition to these dangerous projects. When shareholders meet to discuss the direction of the company, let’s make sure they know exactly how Australians feel about the CSG developments ruining our water supply and the Pilliga Forest.

Santos executives and shareholders alike need to know that Australia simply won’t stand for anyone gambling with our precious natural resources for short term profits.

If we can build a huge petition, you can be sure we’ll be in the minds of Santos’ shareholders when they make decisions about the company’s future.

Sign the petition that will be delivered at Santos’ AGM, and ask that our water supplies are protected from coal seam gas

This isn’t the only time Santos’ CSG projects have damaged the Pilliga. Earlier this year, 10,000 litres of untreated toxic CSG waste was spilled into the forest. Worse still, Santos failed to report the incident to authorities. Alongside uranium, chemicals pumped deep into the ground for CSG mining include methanol, used for explosives; naphthalene, used in napalm; and hydrochloric acid, used to strip metals.

The stakes are simply too high to have these projects anywhere near our precious groundwater.

Add your name to the petition demanding Santos CEO David Knox withdraw all CSG projects from the Pilliga Forest.

This news proves what what we’ve known all along — the risks CSG pose to our water supply are just too great. Let’s demand better from our governments and our energy companies.

Thanks for everything,

the GetUp team.

PS. If you own more than $500 in Santos shares, there’s an incredible opportunity to help protect New South Wales’ water supply from dangerous coal seam gas projects. Click here to find out more and get involved.

If these reports are correct, it is seriously embarrassing for the New South Wales government, and also Santos. Let’s see if this campaign gets the legs required to make some positive change.

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