Girl Guides and girls interested in joining spent four days learning and creating their own visual arts and performance pieces which they showcased for family, friends, media and VIP’s – including the Deputy Mayor of Pittwater Cr Kylie Ferguson. Vispera was a pioneer Girl Guides camp designed by the Guides themselves and a success with the Girls, Parents and leaders.

Girl Guides 2

The Guides were tutored by an array of talent, one of which was the famous Sydney comedian Dan Ilic. During the Camp they faced workshops, optional morning energy- boosting exercise and recreation time set aside to enjoy all the facilities the Sydney Training + Conference Centre Ingleside had to offer.

The groups were split into dance, drama, music, craft and art. On the showcase day some displayed their new found talents while others exhibited a new depth to their existing talents.

The showcase began with a drama piece which was followed by music and a grand finale performance. Guests were then taken through the visual arts area to discover sculptures, paintings, drawings and quilts. This finale gave the girls a core focus to build confidence, and engage in the key elements of the Girl Guides program.

Girl Guides Australia is part of a world-wide voluntary organisation which promotes and encourages the development of girls and women. Their Mission is to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. Girls and women over the age of 5 are invited to join.

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