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We all want to be happy and we all strive to find happiness. However, happiness is subjective. Studies show that it has less to do with materialistic needs and achievement; it’s more about your outlook on life and your relationship with those around you.

There are many reasons to be happy. Happy people are more productive, they live longer and have higher immune systems.

Aside from filling us up when we are hungry, food has a powerful effect on the chemicals in our brain and the way we feel during the day. Here is how you can eat yourself to happiness.

1. Fibre

Do you feel tired in the morning? If you do then have a slice of bread or two because a new study shows that including more fibre in your diet can reduce fatigue. The study follows a group of volunteers for about a month and those who ate a high fibre breakfast cereal reported a ten per cent reduction in tiredness.

Dietician Angie Jefferson explains that constipation is linked to tiredness, bloating and feeling under the weather. Eating fibre helps regulate the digestive tract which prevents constipation and, with it, tiredness and fatigue.

The recommend daily fibre intake for an adult is 18g. You can bump up your daily fibre content by making some small changes. Just switch from white bread and pasta to the wholemeal version, snack on fruit and nuts and include more fresh vegetables in your meals. Adding avocados into your salad and eating baked beans and lentils also helps.

2. Low Fat Foods

It’s a lot harder for your body to digest and metabolise foods that are high in fat, so it will take more time for you to get the energy from the food you are eating. Also, more energy is directed to digest these foods which, consequently, leaves you feeling slow and sluggish.

Low fat foods have less than five per cent fat content. Fresh fruit and vegetables are naturally low in fat so including more of them in your diet will help give you an energy boost.

3. Breakfast

You don’t need it. You don’t have time because you are running late. WRONG! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you wake up in the morning, you technically haven’t eaten anything for seven or eight hours and your blood sugar levels are low. A good breakfast will help kick-start your body into gear by giving it the energy it needs to get you through those long morning.

Eating breakfast can improve your cognitive function as it gives your brain the carbohydrates it needs for memory retention and concentration. Eating breakfast can also make you happier as it improves your mood and reduces your stress levels. Studies have shown that the long-term benefits of eating breakfast helps to reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

So, don’t forget to eat your breakfast before you leave the house!

4. Water

Staying hydrated might not be a priority on a busy day but ignoring our body’s need for water is actually counterproductive because dehydration will affect our physical and mental performance. It’s actually really hard to stay hydrated. When you feel thirsty, you are already quite dehydrated as the thirst sensation is slow to respond. The recommended daily intake of water for an adult is two liters a day, which is around eight glasses. You will feel more alert and refreshed when you are drinking enough water.

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