College Safety Measures

Each new university year brings back millions of students to their college or university campuses in hopes of obtaining their degrees – and with them a higher level of education. Besides the critical importance of well trained professors inside the classrooms and a suitable curriculum, students also need to be provided with the safest learning conditions possible. Indifferent if we are talking about a campus security officer who walks students to their car at night, surveillance cameras being installed around the premises, or access that is only permitted via photo IDs, campus security is a must. In the light of the tragic shootings and hostage taking situations that have been reported by the media in the last few years, it is needless to say additional safety measures need to be taken all around the country.

Avoiding Campus Crime And Violence

Despite of the official security elements ensured by college campuses around the country, there is still a disturbingly large number of crime and violence cases occurring within the grounds of campuses. We can mention rapes, assaults, and thefts – unfortunately all presents inside higher learning facilities, despite of the granted campus security. While this does play a significant role in reducing crimes, security guards are not enough. Campuses also need to have professional locks installed on the entrance doors or gates – the best recommendations consist of card entrances to prevent people from the outside from getting in.

Why Should College Campuses Only Work With Authorized Technicians?

Dorm room locks that are worn out need to be immediately replaced or fixed by authorized locksmiths. Choosing a 100% licensed and authorized technician is critical in order to prevent scammers from setting foot inside the campus, stealing access code information, lurking around or keeping duplicate keys for later criminal use. The company is authorized and licensed and it solely employs technicians with high moral standards who are trained, bonded, and insured. They can handle your every emergency within 20 minutes from placing a call to their live operators no matter the time of your call. They have 24/7 mobile crews covering all lockout and lock-related emergencies and they work with some of the most affordable rates on the market. They have service coverage in all American states and they make for the ideal solution when in need of professional lock-related help around the campus.

Introducing Self Defense Classes To Students

Besides pepper sprays and the need to stay alert at all times, another thing colleges and universities can do to ensure the security of their students is introduce special physical education classes focusing on self defense techniques.

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