In The House

In The House (“Dans la Maison” in French) is a new French film, directed by François Ozon which stars the well known French actor Fabrice Luchini as well as Ernst Umhauer.

In The House follows the story of Claude, a secondary school student who becomes obsessed with one of his class mate’s household and writes about his experiences within the house for his French teacher (portrayed by Luchini). Claude’s ability to write, revive his French teacher’s passion for literature and he becomes a mentor to Claude, helping him answer the question, what goes into a story to make it good enough?

In The House blurs the lines between real life and fantasy and does it extremely successfully, and is unlike anything I’ve seen before. On screen, it presents the breaking down of a writer’s process and the mix between life, exaggeration and pure imagination.

Personally I normally find subtitled films to be disengaging and distracting, however In The House more then held the audience for the duration of the film – it enthralled audiences for the full hundred minutes. This could be due to the constant evolution and thrills within the plot as well as the tremendous acting by the cast, notably from Luchini and also Umhauer who received the Lumières Award for Most Promising Actor.

In conclusion if you are out for some cheap laughs or some shoot ’em up action; go see the Hangover part III or go to a video rental store and get a Steven Seagal film. However if you’re interested in seeing an intriguing, quirky and sometimes even thrilling foreign film with sensational acting, then In The House is definitely for you!

By William Finn
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