International students occupations at home

Part 2 of the Series: International Students’ Occupations at Home

Taking advantage of living in Melbourne – which is the third most popular city among International students following New York and London – I interviewed International students about their lives, jobs, etc.

One of the most common concerns of students is ‘what are we going to do for a living’. It is hard for us to imagine what we are going to do in the future. My interview with International students about their full-time jobs in their countries is helpful in thinking about your future job.

This article is the second of the series and I am going to introduce a Colombian Network engineer, Felipe.

A Network Engineer
Name: Felipe
Nationality: Colombian
Year of birth: 1982

Q: When did you decide on your career?
A: After graduating from university, I spent 8 months being unemployed and found a job as a network engineer.

Q: How did you get the job?
A: I had a connection with the person who was working there. Otherwise, I could not have got it.

Q: What basically did you do in your job?
A: Our job is to keep every network running properly, not only controlling networks, but also supporting customers with network problems.

Q: When did your job become fun for you?
A: When I came up with some ideas to improve the system and they worked well.

Q: Did you experience any difficulties in your job?
A: I had a conflict with our new leader. I insisted that we needed to educate and train workers to improve our service, but he did not care about it. He was just a dinosaur and did not want any change in the way they had been doing the job.

Q: How did you solve the problem?
A: I quit the job and decided to go abroad to study English.

Q: Do you have any advice to students who wants to become a network engineer?
A: There are a lot of certifications required because there are a lot of different systems developed by various companies which build networks. You have to be familiar with all of them.

What is interesting about Felipe’s story is that he quit his job when he had conflict with his leader although it was hard to get the job. There would be two options if you had strong opposition from your boss and he would not listen to reason.

One, you forget about opposing him and do as he says. The other is that you quit the job.

As you might know, it is hard to deicide to resign the job especially when you earn good money. You have to have courage to take a risk. However, you should never ignore that option. After he quit the job, he came here and has been studying English and preparing for IELTs. He is enjoying the challenge and the chance to do something difference in his life. As he makes progress with English, his future possibilities are surely going to dramatically increase. A little bit of courage can make your life more interesting.

By Juri Fujita
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