An Interview with Photographer John Dempsey

Talented student photographer John Dempsey shares with us his love of capturing the perfect wildlife, landscape and astro shots, his ideal travel destination and who inspires him.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and the ocean. From a young age, I would be out and about every weekend with my friends whether that be fishing or just getting outdoors.  From here, my passion developed into free-dive spear fishing and underwater videography. These days, I tend to stay more dry which is where I found my passion for photography especially wildlife, landscape and astro-photography.


What inspires you to take photos?

I find photography allows you to see life from an angle you may not have noticed away from the lens. I’ve always been inspired to share the beauty of the world from my perspective. I see photography as a gift – you are able to capture a single moment and express it to the world in a way you saw it and perceived it.

What’s your go to holiday destination and why?

Although it was only a short stay, it would have to be Tasmania. I would love to re-visit the country side for its rolling hills with vibrant colours. I was captivated by the density of the forests and its natural surroundings, along with its teeming amount of life. I find it hard to take a bad photo there.


Where do you want your photography to take you?

To make my photography into a career would be a dream, especially if it were to involve positive awareness to the ongoing environmental issues we see today. Either way, photography in itself takes you to some pretty cool places!

Who do you look up to?

Definitely my family and friends. I’m surrounded by positive people which I’m fortunate for as it gives me more insight to what’s around me, instead of watching someone on a screen.


All Photos Credited to John Dempsey.

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