Jean Kittson

Jean Kittson

On last night’s Q and A on the ABC, there were a number of well known people from the arts industry.

Tara Moss, Tim Storrier, Richard Flanagan, Thomas Keneally and Jean Kittson were all guests on the show with the delightful Tony Jones hosting as always.

Unfortunately, Jean’s performance has largely disappointed a number of her fans and viewers of the show.

One of her quotes was ““By the time you’ve voted twice in your life you know that politicians are going to change their minds, you know they’re going to break promises,” and “That’s just part of it, you hope they’ll break promises for a good reason.

And this is what she had to say regarding the deregulation of university fees. Talking about her own education she mentions that she must have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on her arts degree – but that current students should be forced to pay more than ever before. Have a look below.

Well we don’t think that’s good enough. Just because you no longer benefit from free education, doesn’t mean you can make life harder for younger people.

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