Kangaroos aren’t everywhere

At the end of 2011 I found out I was moving to Perth, Western Australia (long story). It was one of those bitter-sweet moments, a little more bitter than sweet. But I thought, it’s Australia! Blue skies, warm weather, kangaroos roaming the streets! It can’t be that bad!

Kangaroo chilling on a golf course.

Chilling on a golf course.

Wrong. Here’s the things they don’t tell you about Australia on television:

1. There’s four seasons! If you’re like me and thought that Australia was all sun and sand, people living on the beach everyday, everyone wearing slippers/flip-flops (as the Australian’s say, ‘thongs’), you’re wrong. I landed in Australia smack in the middle of winter, and coming from a tropical island with only a wet and dry season, 8 degrees was freezing.

2. That brings me to my second point. Winter is in Summer! How crazy is that?? I’m thinking, finally I can have a ‘white Christmas’. Nope! Winter in Australia is in June/July…Seriously?!?!

3. You have to buy ketchup. I come from a country where ketchup is a condiment you get for free! Imagine walking into a fast food place and buying your ketchup?? It’s crazy!! By the way, they call it ‘tomato sauce’.

4. Kangaroos aren’t everywhere. They’re just not. There were no kangaroos hanging around the airport or crossing the street like I thought they’d be.

5. They actually say things other than ‘put another shrimp on the bar-bie’. I’ve never heard anyone say that yet.

Don’t get me wrong, Australia is a lovely country and the people are really friendly! Although I miss my own country I like it here. Even though kangaroos aren’t roaming the streets, if you live close to the forest there are kangaroos everywhere; I even saw kangaroos chilling on a golf course! So if you’re thinking about visiting Australia, don’t worry, you can see a kangaroo!

By Kelsey Skinner
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  1. Erin

    09/05/2013 at 2:15 pm

    And if you live in Melbourne, there’s four seasons in one day!

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