King Kong The Musical Opening Night

Saturday the 15th of June 2013 was the world premiere of King Kong The Musical! I was extremely fortunate to be able to go to the red carpet opening night at The Regent Theatre due to obtaining last minute guest tickets. The red carpet was studded with more celebs than the typical Melbourne musical red carpet. From newsreaders to masterchefs to comedians to entertainment personalities – they were all there to witness the very first of this musical kind! The regular musical carpet goers, Meldrum, Hinch and Burchmore, were also there to join the huge array of celeb talent to create an in-house atmosphere where, wherever you looked, there was a tv personality in clear range! It was great for publicity because, in all honesty, this was the best musical I had seen on a visual scale.


Absolutely a visual spectacular! As soon as King Kong hits the stage, moments of wow’s and “oh my god that’s amazing”‘s are shared across every member of the audience. This was definitely a big budget production, exemplifying highly skilled talent. The dancers and the ‘men in black’ stage gymnasts swung, leaped, hooked and flew in sync across the stage. Multimedia projection and sound, of course, was the icing on this cake as they set the atmosphere brilliantly.

I have never seen the stage physically manipulated in so many ways in a single performance. The stage was raised, lowered and shaped to create a ship, an island and a box office front to absolute perfection. The leading lady also had a remarkable voice and exceptional dramatic skills, as the actress slash damsel in distress slash love interest was another obvious highlight of the show. Set design was great, puppetry was excellent and the monkey was adorable!

I would pay to see this show again! Ticket prices are reasonable so make sure you are one of the first to witness this production before it goes overseas!


By Jade Deguara

Recently completed my degree in Media co majoring in Film and Television at Swinburne University. I love theatre, musicals, stand up comedy, acting and of course film!

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