Let’s Talk about Thirteen Reasons Why

I just watched the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why in its entirety and I have no words. I am shook. SHOOK.

So let’s all talk about Thirteen Reasons Why and the issues it addresses because it is important to talk about it. Based on Jay Asher’s heart-wrenching and beautifully tragic debut novel, the series revolves around a teenage girl who commits suicide and then leaves cassette tapes for her classmates to listen and learn about the thirteen reasons why her life came to a tragic end. The series has received overwhelming support and praise for its portrayal of depression and hopelessness.

“When a book actually affects the way you breathe, you know it is powerful. When a book changes the way you look at life, you know it is nothing short of spectacular. Thirteen Reasons Why is that book. I cant think of anyone who shouldnt read this book. You will hurt, you will smile, and you will never be the same.” —Dianna

Now, some people may say the series is hard to watch. Which I guess is kind of the point. It addresses issues not usually talked about in contemporary TV. It certainly isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, the series is a dark stormy thunderous rain cloud designed to shake you and wake you up.

“Hannah’s story changed Clay’s life. It has the power to change many more.” —Lauren

It has important messages about bullying and the impact of words and actions. We know the saying “Always be kind – you never know what someone is going through” but sometimes we forget to practice this all the time. The series serves to remind us of this and also when we suspect someone is in despair – reach out to them, listen and help.



The series has been criticised for its brutal and graphic depiction of the suicide scene and yes it is unbearable to watch. We are screaming at our screen “No! No!”, directed towards the character Hannah Baker who is about to kill herself and then does. We want to help her, we want her to stop. But she can’t hear us, and she doesn’t stop. What this series does teach us though is, these kind of things are happening in real life too. People who are in despair and contemplating suicide. These are the people in our lives who we can help and whose untimely deaths we can prevent.

Thank you to the creator of the series, the actors and Selena Gomez who produced the series and brought Jay Asher’s novel to life. I have not seen such brutal honesty in a teenage oriented TV series since My So Called-Life.

**If you are in crisis, struggling and suicidal, there IS help. It is important to know that you are not alone and YOU MATTER. We urge you to click on the link below and start a new chapter in your life with the support of others. We can get through this altogether.**


We Love You! – Student View Team



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