By Phillippa Butt

A pure romantic comedy, Letters to Juliet is up there as one of the good movies of 2007. The light-hearted storyline follows the plight of 65-year-old Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) who returns to Italy after receiving a response from Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) to a letter she wrote when she was 15. Accompanying Claire on her adventure to find her long lost love, Lorenzo, is her grandson, the self-righteous Englishman, Charlie (Chris Egan). The three live through more laughs, sadness, and surprise than they bargained for in their quest for true love.

Perhaps the most inspiring of the story within Letters to Juliet is a true account of a club only the Italians would know to keep up. The Secretaries of Juliet is real with the Juliet Club replying to thousands of letters of heartbreak and hurt. Letters to Juliet romantically depicts these secretaries as four women who each have their own advice to give. From the grandmother who has been married 51 years and the family oriented Maria who has 12 children, 29 grandchildren, and sixteen great-grandchildren, to the nurse and the kind-hearted leader, the women write back to letters of husband problems, health and money issues, and the letters that are too hard to read from the teardrops.

It is a movie for the enjoyment of all, with those who like the romantic comedies having their needs well and truly filled in a predictable ending, but also allowing others to watch and enjoy the magnificent countryside of Italy. Filled with little quips, all will delight in Redgrave’s wonderful portrayal of Claire, and Seyfried’s of Sophie, even if they are a little disappointed with Egan.

Overall an optimistic look into love, and the dangers of the words ‘what’ and ‘if’.

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