Life and Times of Cartoonist L.A. Bonte

A comedic protégée with an amazing talent, we would like you to meet our very own cartoonist, L.A. Bonte. Creating the funny and clever series of Filbert Cartoons, his creative genius captured our attention. Since then, we have featured his work several times. He kindly agreed to sit down with us so that we could learn more about his art and life.

Stats: L.A. Bonté, 23, in a 2 year relationship.

Hobbies: I like to go to comedy clubs, both to watch and perform. I also go to concerts at bars, dance and long board by the water.

Pets: Fishy was the only pet I ever had in my life. He lived in the pond in my backyard and a raccoon ate it after one week. Trauma at the age of five!

How long have you been cartooning and how did you get into it? I started drawing my own characters when I was 5. I truly love it but perhaps I subconsciously do it because I’m trying to rationalize my existence – before the inevitable raccoon comes and takes me out of the pond of life!

Who are your biggest fans? My family. Every Christmas I would make comic books to give as presents. My family has seen my growth as an artist and you can definitely see their influence in my cartoons.

Happiest moments? When I am writing or drawing.

Saddest moments? Movies can sometimes make me very sad. Also, seeing children suffering or sick is a huge downer. Just the trailer for Batkid (the story of a sick child’s wish to be batman for a day) made me uncontrollably weep.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Lately I’ve been doing a lot of weird brain exercises for example, I’ll write a bunch of words on a page and see if anything sparks an idea. I look into a lot of artist and practice drawing like them to expand my abilities. I like the styles of John Kricfalusi, C.H. Greenblat and Dave Cooper.

Favorite films? Annie Hall, Adaptation, Before Sunrise, Pulp Fiction, I Heart Huckabee’s, City Lights and Boyhood.

I would rather beat myself up than… eat a pickle dipped in soya sauce while watching a film set in the olden days.

The best piece of advice I got was….At the end of the semester I performed stand up for my whole class. My architecture professor Taj Mahsud wrote on a napkin the words ‘hah’ and ‘ahh’. He explained that although I have the ‘hah’ (laughter), I need to work on the ‘ahh’ (having a message/purpose). Since then, I always try to make sure my jokes carry some meaning.



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