Some Like It Hot

Opening with the mesmerizing line “Look that. How she moves like Jelly – O on Spring”, Some Like it Hot is a romantic comedy at its most engaging.

 License Tony Curtis    Attribution Some rights reserved by classic film scans

Tony Curtis Attribution Some rights reserved by classic film scans

Together with the sexy line, the car chase shown at the commencement of the film keeps the audience expectantly glued to their seats waiting for sudden bouts of mirth as the comedy unfolds.

The story hilariously unfolds as follow. Two musician friends, Joe [Tony Curtis] and Jerry [Jack Lehman] are unwilling witnesses to a massacre by mobsters Spats [George Raft] and his gang on St Valentine’s day.

Realizing that there is danger to their life, for the mobsters have spotted them as being witness to the killings, they flee for their lives. Desperate to flee Chicago, and with no money with them, they take recourse to a wild idea, disguising themselves as women to facilitate their entry into an all female band!

Coolly enough, Joe assumes the identity of Josephine and Jerry that of Daphne.

It is difficult to wear heels and walk but they do, and tremulously board the train apprehending they would be unmasked any moment. But they manage to pass off as females and Daphne even becomes the target of Bien Stock, the male manager on the train, who satiates his libido by groping her.

Time passes and gradually Joe and Jerry find themselves drawn to Sugar Kane [Marilyn Monroe], the charmingly sexy vocalist and the ukulele player of the all female band.

To the delight of the audiences, a great deal of laughter comes from the situation they are in now. Both are desperate to win her undivided attention but their female disguise acts a big hindrance. Meanwhile Sugar confides in them that she no longer cares for male saxophone players for they only play with her emotions and that she now has decided to be on the look out of some millionaire.

On reaching Miami, Joe experiments with yet another alternate male guise faking himself as a millionaire by the name of Junior. The idea is to woo Sugar. And by quirk of fate an actual millionaire named Osgood drops on the scene and begins to pursue Daphne!

The false identities begin to play havoc. Finding the situation border on the precarious the two boys decide to quit.

But as luck would have it Spats and gang are here who recognize the duo. They are chased but as it ends the unfortunate duo perforce witness yet other massacre, this time of Spats and his gang.

In the ensuing melee, Sugar, after her on-stage performance, realizes that Joe and Junior are the same and manages to be with him.

Marilyn Monroe as Sugar is hot, real hot in her sexiness. She is also pure and simple and steals the heart of the audience. Her antics to awaken sexual desire in Joe-turned-Junior are hilariously endearing. Some Like it Hot is a decent, good and a must watch film even today.

Rating 3 stars

By Joseph Rana

Pubic Relations Strategist, Movie Critic and Freelance Contributor at local Sydney Media Outlets and Sydney Editor at Student View.

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