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Looper is about an assassin named Joe (played by Joseph Gordon Lewitt) that kills targets sent back from the future.

One day his target is his future self (played by Bruce Willis). On paper, that seems like a great idea, right? In reality, it’s an even better one.

Writer/director Rian Johnson has developed a great script that gives a good reason why younger Joe needs to kill his future self but an equally good reason why he screws it up. The story also gives older Joe a motivation for being in the past and this is what the core of the story is about, two men trying to right their wrongs and reclaim their lives.

Like previously mentioned, Johnson has developed a terrific script where every detail essential to understand the story is explained in full. The supporting cast, consisting of Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels, Emily Blunt and more, are all given characters with an elaborate back story and the necessary motivation for why the audience should care what happens to them.

Despite being a science-fiction film, the movie rarely leans on visual effects to vow the viewer. While the effects are excellently carried out when in use, they add to the characters rather than distracting from the action.

Looper is one of those rare films where you can go in with your expectations sky high and it’ll still surpass them. The final twist is well hidden yet when it’s revealed it makes a lot of sense that that’s where the story ended up. Obviously, it does have minor faults here and there, but they’re a smudge in a corner on an otherwise beautifully crafted masterpiece.

Rating 9/10

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  1. Monique

    19/10/2012 at 1:06 pm

    Loved it! 10/10 Great script, story line, and outstanding acting by Joseph Gordon-Levitt; the attention to detail in order to portray Willis was fantastic.

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