Why not make money while studying?

Make Money

As a student, money is often one of the greatest worries. Ensuring that you have enough to live on, while continuing to complete assignments, reports and exams can be stressful and extremely difficult. So we thought we’d provide a bit of a list of options to make money!

Get a part-time job

This is one of the obvious ones. It might be possible to get a part-time job at a local cafe being a waiter or waitress. Often these times might fit in well with your study schedule, as the business may need you during nights. This would allow you to study and attend classes during the day. Working in such an environment often means you can make friends with your workmates who are likely to be in a similar position to you.

The problem with getting a part time job is that you are at the mercy of the business owner. If things get quiet, you won’t be able to rely on the income. Also, the wages provided by these part time jobs may not be sufficient to cover your expenses. Previously, Student View has interviewed students on workplaces paying below the minimum wage, and this was an enlightening experience.

Tutor students

Tutoring is a great way to make money. Spending time with the subjects that you enjoy will make you more likely to actually enjoy your work. It’s also a great opportunity to increase your knowledge in your chosen field and looks great on a resume. You could tutor students in earlier years at university of even high school depending on your skill level. Tutoring can earn you a high income per hour (some tutors charge $50 per hour – depending on experience).

The problem with tutoring is that it can be a little inconsistent (you’re unlikely to get work during the holidays) and you really need to make your customers happy. Tutoring isn’t a great option if you’re not a go-getter, and willing to advertise your services and sometimes travel to a client’s house. Usually there’s a reasonable amount of competition for tutoring opportunities, but all in all it’s a good option.

Apply for scholarships

You might be surprised at the number of scholarships that are available for students. In our experience, there are some scholarships that can provide a good amount of money (for example several hundred dollars) and these scholarships don’t have many applications. You’ve got to be in it to win it! Don’t forget to take time when writing your application to make sure you’ve done the best job. Scholarships are usually advertised on your university’s website.

Sell your stuff

While you’re studying there’s not a huge amount of things that you will really need. To make some money – and create some more room – it might be a good idea to sell some of the bits and pieces that you no longer use. For example, you could sell your textbooks to other students. Try and sell them before semester starts, or you won’t have a market!

Another option would be to hold a garage sale. These can be great fun if you’re living in a share house. Everyone at the property will have different tastes and items that they will want to sell. This means that there should be a great range of goods for sale at your garage sale. Spreading the workload advertising and moving things for the garage sale is also a good idea.

Of course, you can always eBay the odd unwanted good.


While Student View is currently unable to provide monetary compensation for writing, there are some websites out there that will be able to give you some money. Writing is unlikely to provide a large income stream (at least initially) so make sure that you’re able to make money via other means.

Work in a seasonal job

Uni doesn’t demand your presence throughout the entire year. Depending on your location, skills and interests, there are opportunities to work hard in a seasonal job over the university breaks.

Examples of seasonal jobs include: picking fruit and vegetables at farms, ski instructing and snow work, tour guides and many more.

Participate in an experiment

We certainly don’t encourage you to put your physical and mental well-being in jeopardy, but experiments can be a safe and easy way of making some extra money. Experiments can test your body or your mind.

If you decide to engage with a physical experiment, it may be worth asking your doctor any questions that you may have. Sometimes experiments will be available for a condition that you may have (for example excema) and this might mean you get the chance to reduce your symptoms while making money. A double win!

Start a business

There are so many positives with starting your business. It will give you flexibility (work when you want to) and it will give you a real sense of achievement. Of course, the downside is that income will be variable, it will be very hard work and there’s no guarantee of success. Some ideas for starting your business include: cleaning, dog walking, fixing bikes or using your specific skills. Some people are good at building websites – others are artists. Use your strengths and jump in!

If you decide to start your own business, Student View would love to hear about it. Please send us an email with your experience.

What do you think? Do you have more ideas to make money?

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  1. stunited

    03/05/2015 at 12:20 am

    Thanks for sharing amazing ideas for earning money while studying. I am student from Canada studying abroad from last 1 year i am earning money by doing freelancing work making websites and by selling my old books.

  2. BestReviewer

    26/12/2016 at 11:48 pm

    Thanks for the tips provided! I think that all the students want to be financially independent and have their own money. Fortunately, there are many great ways to make money today and many sources of extra income. It’s important to understand what you’re good at and what can bring you money. For example, you can write articles or help other students with disciplines you’re good at. Also you can sell the things you don’t need and use mobile apps and review and survey sites to make extra income.

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