Mastering MailChimp – The Monkey in the Mailroom

Email – it’s the glue that holds our digital communications together.  It’s part of our standard business cards and contact information, and it’s how we reach millions of people all around the world. Making international communications, and sending out various elements of information to customers easier, we left our email system as it was. That is until an email marketing company came along and made some changes to how we interact with our customer base and engage them in our businesses.

MailChimp has grown into the leader of the email pack in the concrete jungle, becoming the world’s leading email marketing platform. MailChimp’s primary functionality is its newsletters and how you can customise their templates and make your email newsletters truly personal.

Nothing beats getting to know a new program than by having the time to play around with it and figure everything out; but sometimes all we need is some tips on how to get started and then go on to mastering another skill. We’ve gone out to find the best tips and tricks to take note of the next time you want to use MailChimp to send out another awesome newsletter:

  • Segment your list for targeted marketing; Creating marketing segments is a great solution for making sure your audience is receiving the content that appeals to them. Not every user likes everything your business has to offer and you don’t want to bombard them with emails that don’t appeal to them.
  • Create and import your subscriber list; successful email marketing starts with your subscriber list. Open rates, click through rates, and most importantly – results – are all directly impacted by who is receiving and taking action on your emails.
  • Utilise the drag and drop email templates; MailChimp’s drag and drop editor is a great way to avoid code and build a nice-looking HTML email template.
  • Make use of the preview and test tool; Prior to sending your campaign, it’s crucial to use MailChimp’s Preview and Test tool to see if your email is optimised for mobile devices. This simple Preview tool has saved me many times. The last thing you want to do is send an email that can’t be read on a mobile device.
  • Set the time with the time optimisation feature; MailChimp has created a tool that analyses your subscriber click activity history to see when they’re typically the most engaged in your campaigns. MailChimp then compares that data to every other subscriber in your list. From this information, the Send Time Optimisation feature is able to calculate the time when subscribers on your list are most likely to interact with your campaigns.

Let us know whether you’ve had to use MailChimp, either at uni or work, and what you like about it…or what really annoys you about it.

Happy mailing!

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