Music Review: Signacion Music Rappers

Last weekend started early with Signacion Music taking over The Bank on Thursday night.

DBoss, QBall and 2Five had the audience lusting for more after they fired off a medley of verses and club bangers in the first half of the set.

After a brief intermission each artist had their 15 minutes of fame for the night with QBall leading the way. It only took a moment for him to get the crowd hyped up and he had everyone jumping from the get go with a series of catchy melodies from the upcoming Signacion Music mix tape.

Next up was DBoss, who instantly had people’s heads nodding so much there were ambulances standing by with neck braces! DBoss gave the crowd an amazingly personal insight into his own experiences with a myriad of brilliantly written songs that truly showed his talent for storytelling and rapping.

Last, but by no means least, was the lyrical wordsmith 2Five who didn’t hold back, spitting rhymes that were definitely poetic gold. His track ‘Grind On It’ closed the set and was the perfect way to finish a successful night.

Signacion Music:

By Maya Rose & Clinton Forde

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