The New Retail Landscape in Australia: Topshop, H&M and Zara


The retail landscape in Australia is changing rapidly. The old dinosaurs like Myer and David Jones are losing market share and becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Recent entrants like Topshop, H&M and Zara are just the tip of the iceburg. A range of new retailers are coming to our shores, and they will be providing quality products at a more competitive price.

With online retailers providing good, value service this is a great time for consumers.

Gone are the days our department stores can rip off have their 100% margins

My Myer Experience

Having been invited to a wedding, I needed to purchase a couple of gifts off the lucky couple’s Myer gift registry.

So I went to my local Myer with a list of about 20 items that I could purchase off the list. After providing the names of the ones that I wanted, I was politely informed that there was only one (one!!) of those available at the store.

I thought that perhaps I just had some unfortunate timing. So I went further down that list.

Overall I requested nine of the products. And only one was in store. The rest would be shipped down over the next couple of weeks “if I really wanted them”.

Suffice to say I bought that one product and went elsewhere to buy others. While it didn’t perfectly fit with the gift registry, it was worth saving my sanity (in my opinion at least)!

Perhaps it really is a tough time for Myer.

International Retailer Experience

My experience above compares very differently to the level of customer service and experience for those who use the new international stores.

Having discussed their experiences using Zara and Topshop, I have come to the conclusion – quite easily – that these stores take customers a little more seriously.

When entering these clean and well presented shops, you will often be asked for assistance (in stark contrast to Myer’s serious lack of any staff) and service is prompt and helpful. Products are in store or more easily available.

Due to the higher volume of the international stores, they are able to get product in and out quicker and move on to the newer styles. This means customers are able to get the latest stuff.

Perhaps one of the greatest differences is the online presence. Myer has had major issues with its online store, and David Jones is not far ahead of its rival. Topshop meanwhile, has a great looking website and an incredible presence on social media.

While I would usually favour local products and businesses over imported or foreign companies, there is simply no way I will be using my local Myer store for any purchase in the future – unless there is a fire sale.

What are your experiences? Do use these new retailers? Why?

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