Did you get a kiss this Valentine? If you didn’t don’t sweat it, you have 365 days till next year.

The pressure is on for many of us. We are in our twenties and it’s the prime time for many of us to try out the drive before buying the car. We are doing all the right things; flirting, texting and spending most hours in a day swiping on different apps to find the one.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. If you have wasted one year swiping I shouldn’t have to tell you’re doing something wrong. If you’re iPhone knows more about you that a human being, then you need to shut your phone off and reboot.


Here are 5 tips to finding love this 2017!

Shut Down the Apps

Firstly, lets uninstall all those dating Apps you have cluttered on your phone. Life isn’t as simple as swiping right or left. We fall in love with people when we get to know them. Not by reading off a profile or checking out their Facebook status. People are not what they seem. We only put out what we think we want people to see and sometimes you just have to take that chance. You see a nice girl in class, sit next to her and ask her out – what’s the worst that can happen? She says ‘’NO’’ and then maybe she has lost out on a great experience not you. Don’t be afraid of asking someone out, hang out with them as friends first. Get to know them – don’t judge a book by its cover!

It’s not easy – work hard for it!

Nothing in life is easy. We have all become a bit lazy when it comes to love! You’re not ordering a Pizza or shopping for a dress on ASOS. If you’re not going to put in the effort don’t expect to have something that lasts. Nobody is perfect we all need some work, so put on your track shoes and get to work.

Don’t settle for mediocre

“Well, we hook up once in a while but I’m not really into him”

“I guess he’s cute, I mean we’re just having fun but he’s dating other girls”

Don’t stick with someone for the sake of having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Your time is just too precious to put in effort with someone who doesn’t take you seriously.

Reserve your energy and emotions for somebody really worth it. We are all humans. There is no such thing as not ‘’getting involved’’ or ‘’I don’t have feelings for him’’. Get a reality check you’re not a robot and neither is he – don’t get burnt out for someone who isn’t worth your time.


Get out of your room and let your friends play matchmaker

Get out of your room, go to parties, social gatherings, libraries and parks! You never know where you will find ‘Mr/Mrs Right’ and don’t limit your chances. Don’t be ashamed of being single and wanting to find someone, be proud of it. Tell your friends, update a Facebook or Twitter post about being ‘single and ready to mingle’ maybe that girl/boy in your tutorial class might just get the hint and ask you out for coffee after class. Maybe your friends have a guy who will suit you perfectly – do it the old fashion way. Be adventurous and be open to new experiences, it will definitely pay off in the end.

Your future is important!

We are all subconsciously searching around for a life partner, but we never really put any thought into it. We don’t live in a fantasy world, life isn’t just going to happen. We realise our education is important so we take hours on our applications and study hard to get into the best institutions, we prepare for our job interviews and spend time shopping to find the perfect dress for parties we attend once. When it comes to relationships we leave it up to ‘Kismet’ and hope for the best.

The fatal error we make with our relationships is exactly this – we don’t stop and think! What type of relationship do I want? Do I want to get married or maybe just something short term? Does the person I’m dating fit into my lifestyle? What are my goals? Do I want to have kids?

Sit down and think about what you want from a relationship. Be brave and plan for your future, once you know what you want, you are halfway there to finding the love of your life.

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