A Pokémon Worth Catching!

The Pokémon World

A graduate’s world is much like the world of Pokémon Go. We search for hours on end for that Pokémon named ‘dream job’ eventually giving up and settling for whatever comes our way. Before the game came out we were delusional about our ability to catch Pikachu, as it downloaded and freshly sat on our phones we were eager to get going. After multiple failed attempts we realise with great dismay that the potions at our disposal are not strong enough to attract the Pokémon’s we wanted.

We walk miles and recharge our batteries with just enough juice to carry on for a few more days. We get desperate, try new locations, search aimlessly in the hope of finding a Pokémon, any will do. Things look dim and life seems lonely, but you’re not alone. Just look up from your device and see the crowd of people jostling and running just to find another Pokémon. There isn’t enough to go around.


Then of course you hear about the guy who has completed his Pokedex. Congratulations? His better than you, what could you have done wrong?

some-of-yall-need-to-find-that-pokemon-named-job-3135707Now comes the dangerous downward spiral. You should have downloaded the game as soon as it came out, got a better data plan, and given up your warm bed at two in the morning. You chose sanity and now you will never complete your Pokedex. Maybe your Pokémon cards still have some value in this new augmented reality. How simple life was when you could just depend on your parents to buy your Pokémon cards for Christmas.

Well, this is your reality now. You either have to keep playing Pokémon Go or download Candy Crush again hoping life is still full of colours and candy. Maybe you could fool yourself into thinking your great at Candy Crush when everyone is progressing on Pokémon Go, it doesn’t seem like such a bad option. Does it?

I may not be anywhere near completing my Pokédex but I have gotten better at playing the game. Eventually one day I will find the Pokémon I am looking for and by then I would have mastered the game. So don’t give up, just keep catching those Pokémon’s one might just be around the corner!

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