Political instability at its finest

Australia has been an unstable country for almost a decade. With the constant change of leaders, it is no wonder we’re the laughing-stock of the world.

It all started back in 2007, when Liberal leader John Howard – reigning for almost 12 years undefeated – lost to Labor leader Kevin Rudd. Rudd, who campaigned as a self-professed Keynesian, championed himself a leader of international social democracy, yet melted along the global financial crisis.

Things quickly turned sour. After being stabbed in the back by deputy PM, Julia Gillard, who rose with a far-left political past, Labor became a tiresome charade. With internal squabbling, it flashed the green light for opposition leader Tony Abbott to pounce. A staunch conservative, Abbott was as Liberal as one could get, and appeared a genuine alternative to the weak internal affairs of the Labor party.

By mid-2013, facing political annihilation, Labor brought back Rudd, who lasted only three months before Abbott swooped in and took over the reins.

Abbott was a polarizing figure. First scrapping the carbon tax, and then closing Australia to asylum seekers, he failed to wrangle the swinging voters who allowed Howard to stay in power for so long. Then the party caucus did the same thing they criticized Labor for – cut the head off the snake and replaced it with another one.

In waltzes Malcolm Turnbull. A failure as an opposition leader for being too autocratic, he becomes a top dog in an out of control government. 5 PM’s in 6 years? Does the government think this reflects favorably to our international allies?

Australia is a liberal country, with free speech, free press, and an open market – yet we’re still in debt up to AUD$2.051b, with government funds held in reserve within statutory authorities such as the Australian Government Future Fund, which at 31 December 2014 held $109 billion. This is crazy. But what can be done? Is there any stop to Australia’s chop and change government?

Perhaps the political framework needs to be changed.  One solution is to create a bridge towards a neo-Marxist society that would achieve equanimity between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, eventually breaking down private production and ownership to create and sustain economic equilibrium, and reduce excessive government expenditure.

But how will that work when Australian politics is a free for all tennis match between Labor and Liberal? Where is the room for alternative parties to mend the instability that has lingered like a bad smell for 9 years?

There is a solution – Australia must elect a government with an alternative press, which rejects Australian imperialism, and strives to vanquish the centralized capitalist state.

Yes, most Australians are scared this will turn our nation into a dictatorship,   but what do most Australians actually know about alternative Socialist regimes? The closest Australia has ever come is in the form of a few minor parties, including the Australian Greens, Australian Progressives, Future Party, The Socialist Alliance, and the Socialist Equity Party. Unfortunately these parties don’t stand a chance against big money right-wing fascists whose only concern is to monopolies their wealth and power.

What about us? The people of Australia? Is there any room on the dinner table for a fair and just party? Why is Australia so concerned with backstabbing their leaders and replacing them with cookie-cut copies?

It is time for real change. Bad politics and stupid behavior has become so routine in parliament that the national embarrassment we all feel is overshadowed by closed doors and shuttered windows. Why do people accept this as the status quo?

To be considered a ‘serious’ candidate, it has become necessary to adhere to right-wing political agendas, renouncing any left socialist views that are now treated as extreme Communism.

Australian politics is unfair and unstable. Every issue that does not promote capitalist ideals is shut down; even the media does not have the power to supersede mainstream politics. Australia has become so brainwashed that ‘normal’ politics means disregard for the average Australian, who understands it is our capitalist economy and right-wing government that prevents us from embracing a modern economic outlook, favoring a democratic class system.

Currently, our Liberal government is inherently undemocratic, as the main means of production occurs through the labour of the minority class, and not equally distributed throughout the population, creating unfair economic conditions that directly affect democracy.

It’s time for Australia to wake up to itself and listen to the cries of the people. Realise that political squabbling between parties occur because the wrong parties are in power. We need a leader with firm ideals who will drag Australia out of the pit of international embarrassment. Consider an alternative government before completely screwing up and entire nation. Do it now.



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