Clever, incredible and captivating are just 3 words that I would use to explain Denis Villeneuve’s new thriller film “Prisoners”, which tells the story of the disappearance of 2 young girls and the ensuing search for them by their families and the police. Although the premise at its most simple lends itself to an hour long episode of CSI, Villeneuve manages to fill the screen with 153 minutes of edge-your-seat brilliance which at points is just downright scary.

For a film to keep its audience engaged and captivated for more then 2 and a half hours it requires amazing acting, great direction and an incredible script, and Prisoners manages to to just that. The film features oscar worthy performances from Hugh Jackman, who portrays one of the missing girls fathers and Jake Gyllenhaal, who portrays the lead detective for the case. As well as great direction and cinematography (Roger Deakins), and possibly above all else a phenomenally clever screenplay (Aaron Guzikowski). All of these beautifully meld together to form a dark, sometimes violent abduction drama/thriller. Prisoners is in no way the constantly fast paced action-abduction film that you’d expect out of Hollywood, instead it manages to pace itself just right so that the audience are shown enough of the characters emotional depth as well as the films juxtaposing violence and dark themes.

Despite the premise being done to death, Prisoners manages to do it in a new invigorating and compelling way, to an extent that it very well could be the best film of the year so far. So in conclusion if you’re even slightly interested by the plot of Prisoners at its most simple, then the film is bound to surpass your expectations from the start to the 153rd minute.



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